Randy Henry's Dynamic Golf


I came to Maria hoping for a big improvement. Instead I got a miracle.

– Tom Gorman


Added 30 yards to my drive and fixed my slice the first lesson!

– Chris Matthews



Maria was fantastic. She was so enthusiastic that you could feel how much she loved helping people improve their game. She zeroed in immediately on the problem areas with my swing. Not surprising it was my short game. She gave me drills to work on at home but I did leave with immediate improvement. I would recommend her to anyone.

– Randy Sharshan


After taking lessons for 15 years, this is the FIRST lesson I’ve had that helped me identify the secret to me playing better! Being frustrated in the past trying to “learn” something that was “taught” in an incorrect way for me to improve, it was simple to improve with Maria’s technique!


– Ed Graves


Randy’s experience and equipment provide the best swing for each golfer, not one swing fits all!  You leave knowing what causes swing changes.  It’s the best analysis available for both amateurs and pros.

– Dave Kummen


Randy, words can’t express how much I appreciate that you were willing to spend time helping me become a better player and teacher. You have changed my life – thank you SO much!

-Kathy Brown

I have been playing golf for 17 years and never got my handicap below 18. I took only two lessons from Maria and over a 3-month period dropped my handicap from 20 to 14! Players at my local golf course have noticed and are asking me where I have been getting lessons.

-Steve DeCook

Randy and Maria are amazing!  I can’t believe how quickly they helped me improve my swing. I wholeheartedly recommend them and will most definitely be back.  Thank you so much for Everything!

-Vernell Kranz

I gained a greater understanding of my swing[in both] my strengths and weaknesses. The instruction was simple with effective exercises, from which I saw immediate improvement in my ball striking, balance and distance. Prior to taking this lesson I always knew I had the potential to play better more consistent golf. After one lesson with Randy, I feel even more confident [that it will] become a reality for me in the very near future.

-John Kranz

Randy helped me tremendously in my attempt to gain more distance on my drives. He has really helped me to understand how to make solid contact, and to correct my off-center shots. I feel as though I have a great chance at competing at the highest level of Long Drive Championships.

-Mike Hayes


Ok, yesterday was the first time hitting balls since I got my lessons from you and Randy…My irons went higher and solid, like never before. It was awesome… Almost had a hole in one on a par 3 with a 9 iron, got birdie. Shot 42 on the front and 44 on the back for an 86, my best of the year, had back to back birdies and several pars… All in all, my irons was probably the best I have ever hit, never hit them that high before and they all checked up very quick and some spun back out of their ball marks… Obviously a work in progress, but finally had fun playing golf again…I can see low 80s and matching my 79 very soon.

My golf buddy was quite impressed with the turn around. This was the best $120, I have ever spent on golf. You and Randy are the best and I can not thank you enough. I will keep in touch and let you know how things are going and will brag about you both and if I need to get help again, you will be the ones who I will seek out. ”

 -Steve Volz

I took a lesson with Maria about a month ago and it changed everything for me. She was able to quickly identify the flaws in my swing and how to address my slice. The lesson was well worth the money and I will continue to recommend your services.

 -Dave Thompson

"You’ve tried golfing Palmer’s way, Nicklaus’ way and Tiger’s way. What about your way?"

Randy Henry's Dynamic Golf | 2013