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We could go on and on about how we utilize the most state of the art equipment, weight transfer machines, launch monitors, the first and most comprehensive club fitting system, the best teachers and more. But what it comes down to is we make the game seem easy. We have married cutting-edge technology with revolutionary teaching practices. This fusion means that instead of lying awake at night trying to figure out why you keep slicing the ball, you’ll lie awake reminiscing about a great round of golf.

Club Fitting with RHDG Teacher


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As the creator and foremost authority of Dynamic Club Fitting, people come from all over the world to be fit for clubs by Randy Henry and his certified teachers. Most club-fitters take a few static measurements and consequently, condemn you to the swing you have now. Here at Randy Henry’s Dynamic Golf, we take thousands of measurements of both your club and your swing in motion, and use that data to fit you to the golfer you will become.


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"You’ve tried golfing Palmer’s way, Nicklaus’ way and Tiger’s way. What about your way?"

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