Randy Henry's Dynamic Golf

Simulator Play

Beat the winter blues by golfing at the world’s top courses. Play a round on the simulator with your friends (up to 8 in a session) and golf all winter long. And for those who like to eat during their round, Tito’s Italian Grill will satisfy your food and beverage needs while you’re here.

SimSurround Simulator


Eagle Card - 10 hours on SimSurround


Ace Card - 20 hours on SimSurround


Standard Classic Simulator


Par Card - 10 hours on Classic


Birdie Card - 20 hours on Classic

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    Outdoor Facility Video
  • Indoor Facility Video
    Indoor Facility Video

"You’ve tried golfing Palmer’s way, Nicklaus’ way and Tiger’s way. What about your way?"

Randy Henry's Dynamic Golf | 2013