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Located in the Coeur d’ Alene Resort Shops, this golf academy is outfitted with the highest level of technology available.  We believe that good golf instruction is truly a dynamic process. Proper instruction will not condemn you to a swing but rather it will stimulate progress and allow you to take your game to the next level. Randy Henry has developed an instructional program based on the program he has used for years with tour players and enhanced it with revolutionary technology. It consists of both indoor and outdoor instruction. Our indoor program features three key elements: lessons on the aboutGolf PGA Tour Simulator, a putting station and a club evaluation station.  All three stations utilize state-of-the-art technology that, when coupled with the world’s best club-fitters and teachers, will provide you with not only a better golf swing but a multi-faceted understanding of your golf game.


The Simulator

The aboutGolf PGA TOUR Simulator is the best place to teach and fit clubs. Randy Henry or a Randy Henry Certified Teacher will work with you on the simulator to fine-tune your unique swing. What does that mean? Simply, you will hit balls on the simulator while your teacher watches and guides you. The simulator will take video, pictures, weight and rotation throughout the swing, heel-toe measurements, ball flight measurements and dozens more. And although the simulator provides our teachers with a profusion of data, you will not be overloaded with ideas. Your teacher will use this material to find the one thing that will improve hundreds of things within your swing.


Putting System

The Swingbyte Putting System is a comprehensive evaluation system for putting. It measures key aspects of your putting stroke, from club head acceleration to follow-through and beyond. It also features a wide-range of comparison tools that compile the measurements into easy to read summaries and percentages. As always, our teachers use this data to hone and polish your putting stroke so you can shave strokes off of your game.


"You’ve tried golfing Palmer’s way, Nicklaus’ way and Tiger’s way. What about your way?"

Randy Henry's Dynamic Golf | 2013