Randy Henry's Dynamic Golf

Here is what people are saying about us:

Added 30 yards to my drive and fixed my slice the first lesson!

- Chris Matthews

I came to Maria hoping for a big improvement. Instead I got a miracle.

- Tom Gorman

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I have been playing golf for 17 years and never got my handicap below 18. I took only two lessons from Maria and over a 3-month period dropped my handicap from 20 to 14! Players at my local golf course have noticed and are asking me where I have been getting lessons.

- Steve DeCook

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Simulator Play

You and a group of friends can play some of the greatest golf courses around the world.

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Golf Instruction

Looking for some help with your golf game? Have one of our world class instructors help you out. They are renowned around the country and world wide.

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Golf Club and Ball Fitting

Need some new clubs or want to know what golf ball to be hitting? Come on down and let us get your game tuned with some new equipment and information.

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"You’ve tried golfing Palmer’s way, Nicklaus’ way and Tiger’s way. What about your way?"

Randy Henry's Dynamic Golf | 2013